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What is Live Tracking?

A cloud platform that allows live monitoring of athletes through GPS location, along with other data such as altitude, speed, accumulated altitude, distance traveled, etc.

Why Loctome?

Loctome is a platform that integrates the signal from various sources (Apps for phones, satellite trackers as SPOT and specific GPS devices depending on the sport). Created by athletes practicing endurance related activities in various environments, air, land and water, where reliability is essential.

Loctome is currently made up of thousands of users who rely on the security and ease of use offered by this platform.

Got a question?

Visit the FAQ page and if you have any doubts that we haven’t answered, email us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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- For the sportsman: Loctome can record and share real-time position and planned route publicly or privately with friends, family, social networks, fans, etc.

- For the spectator: Loctome offers the possibility to follow in real time, in an easy, agile and dynamic way, and view all data concerning the athletes with a web browser without any additional software.

- For the event organizer: Loctome provides a platform that helps in logistics, security and media coverage.

With Loctome the organizer knows where each participant and his team are in real time.

In terms of media coverage, real-time monitoring of events gives the viewer a channel through which to follow the evolution, generating great enthusiasm from the audience.

Custom events can include sponsorship banners, predefined routes and points of interest, such as the supply points and / or checkpoints. Once the event is over, you can watch the replay.

If you are an organizer and want more information, contact us.

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