Main Features

  • Various sports
  • Emergency S.O.S.

  • Registration and publication of information in real time in 1 second intervals (without delays).

  • Quick integration into your website.
  • Download track made in GPX and KML.
  • Battery saving mode for long activities.
  • Custom URL-Link for each track.
  • Easy sharing by SMS, WhatsApp, Email, etc. as well as social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Storage GPX phone.
  • Privacy: Public or Private mode.
  • Coverage: If you run out of data coverage no problem, Loctome App stores data to be sent automatically when data coverage is restored.
  • Support multi-activity tracks: Sports like triathlon consist of several activities with Loctome you can change activities while registering a track and it will be painted in different colors.
  • Groups and events: Custom Service to manage groups of users and to cover various events.
  • Tracking friends and plotting the shortest route (Loctome App Android).

For each item above we log:

GPS Height
Barometric height
Ground speed
Distance traveled
Street address
Date hour
Batery level
and much more data calculated from this information.
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