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This is the anual subscription for Loctome users!

To follow a user who starts his track publicly you can simply access his url like this: / u / UserName.

If the track is private or you want to see a previous track, you must enter with the track identifier followed like a follow example: / u / UserName / Identifier

Price: 18€ / year


This is the basic option to display a user group Loctome on a single screen.

We set up the group with users tell us that you wish to view and generate a link (URL) Type / loctome / g / Nameofthegroup where all participants are displayed.

Price: 60€ per month for groups of up to 50 users, from 51 to 100 users the cost is 100€ and for larger groups please inquire.


Like user groups it provides a unique URL for viewing the event.

You can customize the header logo and include a system of banners where show the event sponsors. Additionally once the event can make a "replay" with tracks generated.

Another advantage is that you create a page where users can register Loctome autonomously groups entering your username / password.

In the event you can use various devices, including satellite communication as SPOT and inReachExplorer DeLorme, which offers the possibility of live tracking whether you have mobile data coverage or if you are in a remote area such as the North Pole or in the middle of the ocean.

Price: 200€ first day, 100€ from the second consecutive day.


Configuration distress button / SOS Loctome is fully customizable and can indicate that message sending and phone numbers to report the request for help via SMS.

While an SMS message is reported to the platform Loctome all user data and these are displayed on a console where the organizer can locate on the map the affected data to make the best decision on how to act, it is sent well with own staff or alerting the security forces, as Civil Protection, Fire, Police, 112, etc.

Price: Free with the hiring of an event, 25 € with the hiring of only GROUPS.


The professional services we take very seriously acting on these areas:

  • Risk, Emergency & Action Plans Managements
  • Health Technical Assistance
  • Events managements
  • IT Support remote / in-situ
  • Service Level Agreement - SLA


In Loctome we know that not all use cases have the same requirements, so we offer a service of custom development. If you want, tell us your needs and we will propose a solution that meets the requirements.


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