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How do I configure my phone or device?

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1.- Where is the track saved on my Android phone?

Within the Loctome / GPS / folder you'll find tracks made .gpx extension,with the date and time as the name.

2.- How I can navigate the folders on my phone if I have a file browser?

There are several apps to navigate the file structure of your Android phone. This might be useful: http://goo.gl/j1sOSx

3.- Can use Loctome on iOS (iPhone)?

Yes, you can use the services of Loctome.com with FlySkyHy compatible App. Here ┬┤s the link: http://goo.gl/EEnVtW

4.- Can I use a GPS other than an Android or iPhone device for air sports?

Yes, it is called LIVE from "FlyMaster Avionics", you must

configure your account with it and send this data to loctome.com.

Configuration Guide Loctome: http://goo.gl/XjZzD8 Official website for FlyMaster: http://goo.gl/GMUVmc

Where I can see the routes I have done?

Every time you start an activity, Loctome service sends you an email with a unique identifier for it. With this link you can access the activity to see all the details of your track afterwards.

6.- How do I share my activities with others?

When you start a new activity an icon will appear, with which you can share via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or any other means that you have installed on your terminal.

7.- Where can I see the history tracks?

Every time you start an activity, the Loctome service sends you an email with a unique identifier. With that link you can access later to see all the data of your track.

You can also enter the below URL:


8.- How I can subscribe or see my subscription status?

If you already have a Loctome user, you can subscribe, extend your subscription or see the service expiration date through the below URL:


9.- What is the battery life on most devices?Can use it for ultra marathons?

It will depend on several factors such as ambient temperature, the terminal model and the data sending interval you select.

We have recently added the option "Battery Saver" which records a point every 45 seconds. This mode was tested on a Nexus 4 terminal and recorded a range of up to 20 hours.

10.- Can I use Loctome to cover a sports event?

Yes, you can write to moc.emotcol@ofni‎ and we will inform you.

11.- How long is the track available on the server?

6 Hours after the completion of the activity or registration of the last point. After that time you can access through the custom link (see Question 5).

12.- Who can see my track?

A track can be private or public. A private track will only be visible via a private link, sent by the user/organizer.

If you select public, your monitor will be seen by everyone on the panel that are on loctome.com (provided access either with a computer or a tablet of sufficient resolution).

13.- Can I use my SPOT satellite tracking device with Loctome?

Yes, here we leave a link to the step by step guide http://goo.gl/MlC5ng

14.- I forgot my password.

To recover your password click here

15.- Android 6.x or Huawei - Doze Mode, prevent deep sleep

To the app to work properly and prevent cut tracks, Loctome need be set up as protected apps and ignore battery optimizations

Step by Step

1 - Open the Phone Settings

2 - Enter the Apps section

3 - Enter Advanced section

4 - Enter Ignore battery optimizations section

5 - At the top of the list select All apps

6 - Select Loctome and allow to ignore battery optimizations

16.- How to change my Display Name?

The username can not be changed but what you can change is the name that is displayed (Display Name), you can do it by doing ** click here **

If you have any questions that are not here, please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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