Loctome S.O.S.

We can also save your life

Loctome Sports Live Tracking was born with the purpose of improving your sporting experience. To achieve this, we focus on giving greater security and reliability in our product. For this reason, not only do we help you with the logistics, informative and / or the organization of events, we have also gone a step further, Loctome SOS can also save your life.

With Loctome S.O.S. we provide you with all means available when having to report an emergency (SMS, voice and data), depending on the mobile coverage that exists at the time of requesting help.

Set up your phone

To configure the Loctome S.O.S. service you must provide your own number and the number and custom message that the recipient will receive in an emergency.

Install or upgrade the latest version of Android Loctome

The S.O.S. button

Once you press the S.O.S.

button and you confirm the request for help the following will occur:

An SMS will be sent to the phone number you entered as a destination with the personalized message and a link to your current track.

It will also report to Loctome relevant information of the request for assistance (Battery level in device, level of coverage, position and data sent in the SMS).

Emergency centers

Data reported to Loctome will be forwarded to emergency centers that can meet your request for help and act accordingly.

This will warn rescue teams and firefighters, ambulances, civil defense personnel, insurance, etc.

If you work in an emergency center and you want to know more you can contact us.

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